Sims 2 : Keeps Crashing on BodyShop and CAS
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Hello (newbie over there)

I recently installed the sims 2 on windows 10 but the game loads about 1 hour (approx. 15 GB of custom content) and when I start to create a sim the game keeps crashing.
Same for Bodyshop: while loading, it says "fatal error" but when I check Clean Installer, everything seems to be fine.

My computer is a Lenovo T60 - Intel Centrino Duo (old one) and I have all EP's and SP's

Thanks for reading me wave

Edit : I loaded Belladonna Cove and there are trees which have white textures

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15 GB of custom content on an "older computer"... How much system memory does this old gal have? Because maybe the amount of CC is the whole issue.
Besides that, maybe clearing "Groups.cache" and "Accessories.cache" could help. They do become corrupted over time. And when that happens, the game can indeed end quite abruptly with such alarming error indicators. Deleting them and allowing the game to generate new ones, usually fixes it.

But perhaps Kiri finds something in the config-log as well... We'll see.

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You have a texture memory of 256Mb. That's tiny compared to the needs of 15G of CC.
You have a CPU of 2328.199951Mhz which is less than what you need for Hi resolution
You have
Memory: 1024MB
Free memory: 540MB

Which is WAY less for 15G of CC.

Your intel card is very old - it is already defined in the video cards.sgr - it was actually started back in 2007, so it's 9 years old. The problem with cards that old is that they can't cope with a lot of graphic processing. In the original graphic rules, it was automatically set to low-resolution if it was an INTEL card, and I think that this should be the case for your game - which means using the original graphic rules rather than a modified one - which I'm assuming your using because the anti-alias is on.

I am also surprised that your PC has Windows 10 on it. What was it upgraded from?

How to move forward from here.

1. remove all CC from your game and time how long it takes to load. The easiest way to do this is to rename your game folder in your My Documents folder, and let the game regenerate a new game folder. Then go in there a second time. Let me know how long it takes.

2. When you go into the game the 2nd time, check the textures in both the hood, and on the lot. If you see anything unusual take a screenshot of it and upload it here.

3. Let me know if you are using a modified graphic rules or not.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I really don't think your machine is up to a load like 15G of CC. My first gut reaction is to bring it back to no more than 100Mb of EAxis recolours only and work up from there. If the game without CC is churning, you may need to uninstall some of the expansion packs to reduce the load as well. And we might need to turn off some of the other processor using and texture processing game functions.

#4 05-07-2016 
Oy, that sounds even worse than I dared imagine. On such an old machine, even with 2 GB of memory, a much simpler windows (XP-SP2) and only 2GB of CC, I used to have to wait some 10 minutes before the game was loaded. I can imagine that @Lana_K is waiting at least an hour for her game to run, if not more.

If you can't afford to get a new and more modern system, I would probably downgrade to WinXP-SP2-ish and remove like 13 GB of the CC, if I were you, @Lana_K.

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These are the specs -

Looking at that - it sounds like the laptop itself is going to be about 9 years old as well.

I definitely concur with BO - downgrade back to XP, Windows 10 is too bulky for this machine. You'll get back some more processing power if you do that can be used for sims. This will mean that it will need to be an off-line machine, as XP hasn't been upgraded for a few years.

#6 05-07-2016 
@celebkiriedhel: Yes, absolutely, that poor old machine is buckling under the enormous work load of playing Sims 2 with all packs and 15GB of CC under an OS as heavy as Windows 10.


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