Resolution issues w/ the base game + FFS
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I recently installed the base game and the Family Fun stuff pack using the CDs. I'm on Windows 10.

The game runs fine, but I can't get a resolution higher than 800x600. The game only displays 800x600, but when I change the "seti Low, Medium" values in the Graphics Rules file, I can get higher resolutions to appear. Whenever I try to select a higher resolution and apply, the game just sort of loads forever. If I alt-tab during this and return to the game, the "Do you want to save your changes" box appears, but nothing's different. If I hit yes, exit the game and reload it, the UI will look as if its in the new resolution I set it in, but the actual screen is still in 800x600.

Any ideas?

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Download these files:

Graphic Rules - NVIDIA - Texture Fix - Max Screen size 1920x1080
Video Cards.sgr - NVIDIA - 139a

Into these folders:

In the Program folders:

\Program Files (x86)\EA\The Sims 2 - <your most current expansion pack>\TSData\Res\Config\
\Program Files (x86)\EA\The Sims 2 - <your most current expansion pack>\TSData\Res\CSConfig\

Now you say you're using base game and FFS.
Your config-log.txt says that you have EP3 loaded - which is Open for Business.

So... if you have OFB, then your most current expansion pack is the OFB one.
If you don't - then you've got a problem with the way you've installed your game - I suspect that you have OFB installed and uninstalled it, but it didn't uninstall completely.

Let me know which one it is.

I'm going to be away now until next Monday, so I will get back to you then.

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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I'm getting a 404 from that second link, though.

I used to have the ultimate collection installed, but I uninstalled it. I haven't installed OFB by itself though. This says that FFS is based on OFB. Is that why the EP3 is showing up?

#4 06-07-2016 
No, OFB should not show up unless you actually installed it.

#5 11-07-2016 

The download link works now. Sorry about that - I created it but forgot to upload it before I went away. Woops!


With where to put up - can you put it into every expansion/stuff pack you have where there is a

\Program Files (x86)\EA\The Sims 2 - <every expansion pack>\TSData\Res\Config\
\Program Files (x86)\EA\The Sims 2 - <every expansion pack>\TSData\Res\CSConfig\

FFS has a name outside of Sims2SP1. It *may* have an internal name of Sims2EP3 - so we'll pretend that is the case, but if you could put up the config-log.txt after you've put the files in all the places, we'll know for sure.


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