Dentists.... I hates them my precious
#1 12-07-2016 
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I am in a lot of pain. My mouth is throbbing, and I've already taken painkillers.

If I killed the dentist, do you think anyone would blame me?
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#2 12-07-2016 
Oh no Kiri. Sending lots of love and hugs to you across the waters. Also praying that you find some relief and that it heals quickly.

#3 12-07-2016 
@celebkiriedhel my jaw hurts just from reading that. Confused Sending lots of pain-killing, quick-healing hugs your way!

(Can you plead temporary insanity in Australia? If you can, I'd say go for it! Tongue )

#4 12-07-2016 
You might get away with it,nobody likes dentists Wink
I wonder tho is dentistry in australia same expensive as it is in here(pretty much choose between new roof and teeth pulling)?

#5 12-07-2016 
Aw, sending hugs your way. I must confess I haven't actually read what's going on, I usually don't mind too much information, but not when it comes to dental horror stories... So I can totally relate to your wish to kill your dentist Smile

#6 12-07-2016 
Hugs, kiri! I too share your hatred of dentists, and that sounds awful!

#7 12-07-2016 
At my dentist, there are several small posters in this style on one of the office walls (though not sure these could reassure the patients): Smile

Well, Kiri', we try to support you to soothe your pain, (even if it's done in a virtual manner), each in our own way. Be confident of our sincerity. <3

[Image: dentiste.png]

#8 13-07-2016 
I dunno... as much as everyone hates dentists, they DO tend to actually help in the end. You know, after the pain and swelling that can result from a visit to one goes away. Smile Has the dentist said that you can't use any type of heat or cold pack on your jaw? I've had great results with a heat pack on my jaw in the past when I had an abscess. (Was just a wet washcloth that in a baggie that I warmed up in the microwave but oh, it was heaven. Smile )

#9 13-07-2016 
(Totally digging the LotR reference by the way)
Anyway, it might be worth considering switching dentists. My former dentist was a butcher, now I have a lovely lady who actually calms me down and explains stuff. Not sure if you have the luxury of choice though.

#10 13-07-2016 
@Klaartje me, I much prefer women dentists to gollum men. In my experience, men are often rougher (and then they just wave it aside if you say it hurts, since you're obviously just exaggerating. Because everybody knows women can't stand pain, it's not like we give birth or anything... right? Tongue). So if I have a choice, lady dentist it is. Key words being "if I have a choice," because yeah, you don't always.

@celebkiriedhel do you have the option to go to a different dentist, or are you stuck with your current one?


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