[split] Windows 10 and NVidia problems
#1 16-07-2016 
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I tried this solution but unfortunately my game still won't run on my Nvidia card. It runs ok on my integrated Intel HD 4600 graphics but would be better on the Nvidia. I'm still researching the problem though so I'm hoping there is a fix!

#2 17-07-2016 

If you post up your config-log.txt I will have a look and see what I can do for you.

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Thanks Kiri.

I've attached my log from my last gameplay on the Intel and the log after I try force it to use the NVidia, which results in a Direct3D E_INVALIDARG error.

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#4 17-07-2016 
For the NVidia Card you need the following:

Graphic Rules - NVIDIA - Texture Fix
Video Cards.sgr - NVIDIA - 0fe4

You don't mention whether you are using UC or the DVDs, but as you're already using one of my graphic rules fixes I'm assuming that you know where to put them. Smile

That should help.

Also make sure you are running it in admin mode, you've done troubleshooting compatibility (Windows XP compatibility for Windows 7, Windows 7 compatibility for Windows 8,10)

#5 18-07-2016 
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Thank you Kiri! This has made my game playable on the NVidia at least.

What I had to do once I'd put those graphics fixes in was go in the game using integrated graphics and turn smooth edges all the way down. I can then force it to use the NVidia and my game will load up just fine when running the .exe as admin (not in windowed mode) and I can turn smooth edges back up. Presumably if I turn it back down again before I quit the game, it will avoid the swapping graphics cards part but I'm still playing around with it at the moment.

I've read about smooth edges being a problem with NVidia and Windows 10 but I would rather do that than have it run on the Intel graphics all the time.

Thanks for your help!

#6 19-07-2016 
As long as you are happy to do that, we're good. Smile


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