Hello everyone
#1 23-07-2016 
Well I've been quite busy since the time I joined so I haven't gotten around to introducing myself.
My name is Sam and I'm from and live in Australia. I've been playing the Sims as long as I can remember lol. I just enjoy it very much.
I have 3 cats; Skinny, Sweetie & Fatcat and they have their unique personalities Big Grin
Sorry but I can't not create or recolour anything Sad
Well that's a bit about me so I hope you enjoy having me on here Smile

Also, if anyone knows the user suzanne70 from mts, I'm her son lol
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#2 23-07-2016 
Aww! Welcome to LeeFish, Sam! We bite.

EDIT: We don't bite. Tongue We are not piranhas, but rather kind golden fishes.

#3 23-07-2016 
Nice to meet you, Sam. Welcome to Leefish Smile

#4 24-07-2016 
Big welcome from Texas!

#5 24-07-2016 
hello Smile Welcome to leefish

#6 24-07-2016 
Hi there! Welcome to the pond!

#7 25-07-2016 
Hi, Sam! Welcome to Leefish! Big Grin We've got fish from all over the place swimming in this pond, including another Aussie and a Kiwi, so you're in good company. Smile (Me, I'm from more northerly climes - I'm from Sweden.)

#8 25-07-2016 
Poisson was right the first time. We do bite. Velcome. vamp

#9 26-07-2016 
G'day Sam, welcome to Leefish, have done a few recolours for your mum over at MTS and I'm one of the other Aussies here.


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