#1 31-07-2016 
I'm able to create a default deck change - this is without updating the scriptorium.

This was done by extracting the TXMT for wall_deckredwoodalpha_base_txmt and change
stdMatBaseTextureName from wall-deckredwoodalpha-base to ##0x7f054c12!wall_a4aa321a
Where ##0x7f054c12!wall_a4aa321a_txtr is in the same package and is a DXT3 file with alpha channel included.

[Image: WhiteLatticeFoundation.jpg]

NOW. When I try to make a custom deck,

I have the options set up the same as the deckredwood in the walls.txt and deckfoundations.txt (in the appropriate scriptorium folders of course) But I get a very different result.

[Image: CustomDeckWIP.jpg]

The Custom deck has exactly the same TXMT settings as the original deck. However what seems to be happening is that the texture is being treated as a foundation wall instead of a deck wall.
Basically what seems to be happening is that the foundation wall default is showing through, and the whole wallpaper is being treated as an alpha, rather than just the alpha channel.

Now. If I change the wall style in the 151_whitelatticefoundationfloor.txt to 16 (original Deck), I get

[Image: CustomDeckWIP2.jpg]

Which tells me that the details in 151_whitelatticefoundationfloor.txt are correctly set up for the deck.

If I have foundationfloor pointing to wallstyle 150 and change the pattern to deckredwood in 150_whitelatticefoundationwall .txt - I get the same as previous image.
Which tells me that the details in 150_whitelatticefoundationwall .txt are correctly set up for the deck.

That leaves the problem in the package.

The TXMT contents are the same in both the deckredwood original and the new one.

So my thought is that either I'm missing something in the TXMT that's not the contents. Or what seems more likely to me - the XOBJ is defining it as a foundation based wall, rather than a deck wall.

The problem is - I don't know where to find the XOBJ for the deck to see what the deck wall is defined as.
I've found the GMDC, GMND, TXMT, TXTR, SHPE, CRES for the deck. I haven't found the MMAT or the XOBJ for the deck.

So my question is this -

How can I track down the MMAT and/or XOBJ for the deck given the pieces that I already have?

You can download what I've done here - Download the whole sorry mess
In it - is
the 2 scripts I've done, the originals from the game to compare them with,
The default wallpaper with the original deckredwood TXMT
The custom wallpaper with the new TXMT with matching details to the deckredwood (except for the texture name)
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#2 01-08-2016 
welp I've read this about 4 times and it's still over my head Blush
Are you trying to create new deck foundations with their own little icon in the foundation section? I wish I could help :/

#3 01-08-2016 
I'm afraid it's over my head too, but that won't stop me from saying your WIP is really really ridiculously good looking.

#4 01-08-2016 
Devilsrope did this a while back. Not sure how yours is different, but you could take a look at theirs.

#5 01-08-2016 
Thanks Lunie! That will help a lot.

It looks like it needs to be defined in wallpatterns.txt as well. that's the missing step.

ETA: Yup - the wallpatterns.txt was the missing step - it's all working now.

#6 01-08-2016 
You know, I read this earlier (well, yesterday that is) and just slowly backed away from the page, lol. I did know that I'd read/seen something somewhere but couldn't remember where. Now that I've read Lunie's post - yes! That's what I couldn't remember! Big Grin (Yay Lunie-who-has-a-way-better-memory-than-me!)


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