#1 01-08-2016 
Hello fishies!

Now that toddler month is coming to an end, it's time for a sparkling new event here at Leefish! As it's probably a busy time for most fishies with holidays, going back to school, uni or work, it will be a mini-scuba. The event itself will start in September so you have the whole month of August to create something.

How to join
All through the month of September you have the chance to spoil others with goodies and enjoy the gifts other simmers have made. Share a gift that you have made and you will receive a gift in return. You can share your gift by sending me a PM with a link to your upload on an filesharing site like simfileshare, box, dropbox or mediafire. Please include a screenshot and information the downloader needs to know. When you've send a gift, I will send you a gift in return. You will not be creating especially for someone, so feel free to make whatever you like. However small or large, all gifts are welcome. Keep in mind that this will mean you could receive something that doesn't match your game configuration. However, after September, all gifts that have been made can be shared freely, so you might end up with something you like after all Smile

Make a gift, receive a gift! If you have any questions, please let me know.

#2 08-08-2016 
It's a good idea : christmas in summer is always a good thing !
However, I've so much ideas that I can't choose (and surely they'll please only me...).
If there was a request thread somewhere on this site, it would be much easier. Do you know one ?

#3 08-08-2016 
ohhh so glad I just came across this! Have a few projects in need to be finished, will up my game and get them done for this!!

#4 25-09-2016 
Oh awesome! I know I never contribute here, but would you mind? I love your toddler stuff. Ok, since I am just discovering this, it might be a little late...

#5 25-09-2016 
Please do join in gayars, it would be great to have you!

#6 26-09-2016 
Clothes or objects?

#7 26-09-2016 
It doesn't matter, whatever you want to offer up.

#8 29-09-2016 
Almost done with part number 1 Smile I am hurrying to get this done before end of September Smile

#9 30-09-2016 
Ok set is done, but I would really like to get it uvmapped cleaner. I mean it looks great, but any creator that wants to recolor it is going to go what on earth?! Big Grin Anyway, how late is too late tonight Big Grin. If it has to be now, the set is ready, except for my uvmap for other creators tweaking.

#10 01-10-2016 
Ok sent off my set in a pm Smile

Hope I did it correctly! I wrote a short description and included my dropbox link.

Forgot the screenshot, ok will send it too!
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