#11 05-10-2016 
The mini-scuba event has ended! Thank you to everyone who has participated, all gifts have been sent out! Celebrate

#12 06-10-2016 
Blush I got the cutest gift - look what gayars made!

[Image: L5ftrRS.jpg]

[Image: KUnGYm6.jpg]

[Image: saegbZd.jpg]
Here's what they wrote:
Quote:It is a toddler car bed, found in beds for 150 dollars, a changing table to match, and some beddings. (3) There are 2 recolors of the set. It is a toddler only bed, as the original one done by Rebecah it was cloned from had clipping and this particular bed really added to it. It was the only way to reduce the clipping. There is still a little bit.
I think I forgot to mention in the description that since it is a toddler bed with covers, you find it in regular beds for 150 dollars.
It and the changing table both use the adult bedding.
The car bed is high poly, but the changing table definitely isn't.

Smile I love toddlers so this is a perfect gift for me, I especially like the Herbie recolors Heart Thank you very much, gayars!
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#13 06-10-2016 
Clothing Booth curtain recolours

These recolours will recolour both the basegame Colonial Clothing Booth and Klaartje's Lonely Curtain found at MTS. There are nine recolours, white (light grey), sky blue, dark blue, black (dark grey), deep pink, gold, midnight blue, dark green and purple.


This was Karen's scuba gift to me. Aren't they lovely! So bright and cheerful Smile

Here is the link for my gift to Shasta btw.
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