[split] Sims2 UC and Windows 10 CAS Crash
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Hi @celebkiriedhel , I am having the same issue and was wondering if you could help me!

I am operating with Windows 10 on my laptop and am trying to play The Sims 2. I have an original disk of the base game as well as the expansion packs (I did not download them from Origin like @Jazziey9 ). I had no trouble downloading or playing the original Sims 2 games, but the expansion packs would not install because they would crash when trying to update the game. I downloaded new files from a forum online and replaced the original files with those. This allowed me to install all of the expansion packs that I own. Everything loads fine and I am able to enter neighborhoods (Although I am not able to add vacation locations, universities, or downtown areas even though Bon Voyage, University, and Night Life are all installed. The option to add those extras in the top left hand side of the screen is missing. I can live with this issue, but a fix would be nice!) Once entering CAS, it goes to the loading screen and then crashes. I have downloaded the 2 files that you recommended at the beginning of this forum to the right location (I think, I am not super tech-savvy), but it does not give me the option to extract the files. I did try downloading the WinRar you suggested to @Jazziey9 but it still did not give me the option to extract the files and the game is still crashing. I suspect I downloaded the wrong choice, but I have no idea which one I should be downloading.

I am so sorry if I am missing something painfully obvious, or if I have given you too much or not enough information. I've been trying to get The Sims 2 to work for a good 10 hours, and I am pulling my hair out. Smile Thank you in advance for any help that you can offer me. You're literally my last hope!

.txt  MSI-config-log.txt (Size: 10.23 KB / Downloads: 437)

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1. You are using the wrong cards. These are the cards you should be using.

Graphic Rules - NVIDIA - Texture Fix - Max Screen size 1920x1080
Video Cards.sgr - NVIDIA - 139b

The ones you've currently got in there don't allow for the texture fix which is what you are missing.

2. Can you link me to the forum and post where you got the files to allow you to install the expansion packs - it sounds like there may be a problem with them. not being able to add those sub-hoods means that although you have added the expansion packs, your game is not acknowledging them so for all intents and purposes you might as well not have installed them. It recognises EP7 which is Freetime it doesn't have a sub-hood, although it does have secret lots. You can't load Uni, Vacation or Downtown hoods - do you have any icons at all on the upper left hand side in hood view?

3. When you downloaded WinRar and installed it, did it give you a dialog window about what it was installing and whether it would add a file handler? It sounds like you may not have installed it correctly. Probably the easiest way to deal with this is for you not to worry about WinRar.

4. What operating system do you have? It doesn't look like you have Windows 10 in the config-log.txt although you've' appended this to a Windows 10 thread. Depending on what Operating system you have, I'll set the files up in a format that can be installed by your O/S.

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@celebkiriedhel Thank you so much for replying!

1. I downloaded both of those files. Now do I put them both in the Config and CSconfig under Program Files-EA GAMES-The Sims 2 Freetime- TSData- RES? In your other feed you said that the girl needed to extract the files by selecting "extract here". I did not have that option so I assumed I needed Win RAR. I have WinZip downloaded as well as Win RAR (64 bit).

2. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windo...da9?auth=1
That is the link to the forum that helped me download the expansion packs. The original issue was that I would get all the way through installation of an expansion pack and then it would ask for Disk 4 of the original Sims 2 game to check that the product was updated. I followed the fix to override the original Sims 2 files and then the expansions downloaded. If I need to completely undownload everything and start over I will not be upset, I just want my game to work and appreciate ALL of your help! The only icon I have in the top left corner is the option to choose a different neighborhood. It does not have any of the symbols with the plus sign like it should. However, when I enter a neighborhood it asks me if I want to add a vacation destination for my sims in a pop up window and it will allow me to add them that way, but it only does it for Bon Voyage. Additionally, I have all of the extra stuff, for lack of a better term, to accompany the expansion packs. In the commercial buildings I have the roller skating rink, various H&M stores, and the new houses that accompany the expansion packs. When I am in the neighborhood viewer some neighborhoods show snow because seasons is downloaded...

3. I don't remember it giving me that dialog box, but when I download files and open them, they open in either Win RAR or WinZip. If I don't have to worry about them that would be fabulous. Technology is not my strong point, as I'm sure you can tell!

4. I do have Windows 10. I just purchased this computer (MSI GE72 Apache Pro) a few days ago so I assumed it was updated. To be sure I pressed the windows home button, went to "About your PC", and under edition it said "Windows 10 home". I have not tampered with that configuration log so I have no idea why it would not match.

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Those files that I have on the thread are compressed so that they are small over the internet. Then they have to be uncompressed so that are the right size for the PC. Extract here is the WinRar - but if you have other choices to uncompress the files that works too. The important thing is that they decompress so that they are back to 'graphic rules.sgr' and 'video cards.sgr'

The girl previously, was just putting the compressed file in the folder without decompressing it.

To be honest, the fact that you have already got the original files in your game suggests that you are able to uncompress files without having to download extra things.

Thanks for the link to the thread. I'm going to study it somewhat because I can see that there is a few things in it that suggest that it doesn't work properly for everyone.
Also? When she says install them in no particular order? Not a good idea.

We'll start with sorting out the graphic rules.sgr and video cards.sgr and see where we can go with that first. Then we'll sort out the game. I'm busy today but will look at it tomorrow.

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@celebkiriedhel I downloaded the files that you attached above and put them in both the Config and CSConfig folders in every expansion pack as well as the original game. The game no longer crashes, however when I go to create a family it still gets stuck on the loading screen. Before I would open up the task manager and it would say the program is not responding. Now the bar sweeps across the screen highlighting the various rows of boxes like it is loading. It completes this sequence and I am stuck with a never ending hourglass for my cursor. The loading music still plays and even switches songs, but I have left it there for a good 30 minutes and it does not do anything. I have to use task manager to quit the Sims but it does not say that it isn't responding. Thank you again for all of your help!

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@celebkiriedhel I forgot to mention this in my last post, the files go straight to "graphic rules.srg' and 'video cards.srg' I'm assuming I have something that automatically uncompressed the files but I'm not sure so I attached a picture of what my files look like.


I also forgot to mention that upon loading the game I get the warning message. For some reason it won't let me screenshot the sims but I'll try to describe it the best that I can. It says "We have discovered customized or modified content is enabled in your game. Modified content can cause conflicts with your game which may result inunwanted game behavior." The content they have listed is "objects.package, objects.package (With yellow warning triangles with a black exclamation point inside), HO5.bundle.package, H05.bundle.package". It then gives me the option to enable or disable custom content. I have tried running it with both options and I don't notice a difference. This happened when I did the expansion pack "fix" from the thread I linked you to. I do not think it would cause my game to be a never ending loading screen, but I figured the more information the better!


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