Belated Hello
#1 12-08-2016 
Hello everyone,

My name is Jazziey, I probably should have done this quite a long time ago, but I thought hey better late than never, right?

So, um, I am a singer, songwriter (don't try looking for me; I'm absolutely unheard of, but fingers crossed for the future), I LOVE playing Sims (especially Sims 2). I have been playing Sims ever since I was little (starting with Sims 1 and slowly advancing to Sims 2), whether it was me sneaking on to the computer to play it when my sister was not home (the CD-ROM was hers) or going over to a friends house and spending hours on their computer playing Sims (trying to include them [not my finest moments]). Then I got the UC on my laptop and was over the moon, I started having problems with it and that's when I found this place. Before this I have been a rather quiet member of the Leefish community only really talking on the help thread but now, I don't know, I want to say hi!

So, HI!!Smilewave


(expect delays, pretty sure I'm in a different time zone from most of you, since even the time stamps are hours ahead (? I think)
Jazziey9, absolutely clueless.Big Grin

#2 12-08-2016 
Welcome to Leefish, Jazziey. I hope you enjoy your swim in our pond Smile

#3 12-08-2016 
Hi and welcome Smile

#4 12-08-2016 
Hey Jazziey! Welcome to Leefish! Big Grin

#5 12-08-2016 
Welcome here, Jazziey!

#6 12-08-2016 
Velcome. vamp

#7 12-08-2016 
Hi Jazziey9 Smile

#8 12-08-2016 
Welcome to the pond!

#9 12-08-2016 
Welcome to Leefish, Jazziey! Big Grin We don't bite, I promise. Most of us don't, anyway. Wink

#10 13-08-2016 
G'Day Jazziey, welcome to Leefish.


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