Where are you from?
#1 12-08-2016 
Where are you guys from? Smile
clairsy97, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jul 2016.

#2 12-08-2016 
Lots of places, I live in the Netherlands (small country on the edge of Europe Cool )

#3 12-08-2016 
I am from the UK. I live one hour north of London.

#4 12-08-2016 
From Italian (50%), German (25%) and Irish (25%) origins, I live in the North-East of France.

#5 12-08-2016 
Born in Haarlem, currently living in Leeuwarden. Both these places are in the Netherlands, so I guess that makes me Dutch.

(12-08-2016 03:16 PM)Karen Lorraine Wrote:  I am from the UK. I live one hour north of London.

And where do you live the rest of the time? (Hehehehe...)

#6 12-08-2016 
I'm from the US. Ohio to be exact.

#7 12-08-2016 
Sweden over here. Smile (A country that's more than ten times the size of the Netherlands in area, but with less than 2/3 of the population. Crowded, we are not.)

#8 12-08-2016 
I am in Canada..... awaiting a bigger pic of your cat.

#9 13-08-2016 
Grew up in Southern Ohio/North eastern Kentucky, and currently living in rural Texas. All in U.S.A.

I live in Texas, because I *HATE* cold weather!

#10 13-08-2016 
(12-08-2016 08:32 PM)justJones Wrote:  I'm from the US. Ohio to be exact.
I grew up from 25-75 miles from Cincinnati, always within a mile or so of either side of the river. Smile


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