Lot - Is Apartment? BHAVs
#1 14-08-2016 
Hello everyone. Long time no see!

Fansee pointed out to me that in the music autonomy mod I uploaded on MTS recently I forgot to include apartments. I'd like to fix that flaw, but I am not sure which of the global BHAVs to use.

These three are the ones I'm wondering about
Lot - Is Apartment Sub?
Lot - Is Apartment Base?
Lot - Is Apartment?

I can see that the "Lot - Is Apartment?" is just a merge of both Sub and Base, and I'm guessing I could use that one to stop autonomy on apartments in general. But, it would be really neat if I could differentiate between instruments placed in common areas and inside the apartment. Does anyone know what the difference between Base and Sub is? I know the apartment you move into is a sub of the base lot, so I'm hoping Sub would be the active unit only, but I thought I'd see if any of you know for sure Smile

EDIT: I went ahead and tested it, by making it apply to controlled behavior and adding the Sub-one. Interaction disappeared both on instruments inside the apartments, and in common area. I was guessing it was too much to hope for that it'd differentiate. Anyone know any other BHAVs that can be used to check if it's inside the active apartment?

I tried to google it, but for some reason google doesn't want to listen to search commands and refuses to tune searches, so I just end up with a bunch of generic Sims 2 stuff.

EDIT: Thought of another thing I'd like to ask, now that I'm already posting. Twice now, my SimPE has opened bhavs in tabs, which is frigging wonderful. No idea what caused it, only happened twice ever. Does anyone know how to make it do that? Makes looking at things and editing multiple bhavs so much easier.
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