Can't Sign up to Garden of Shadows?
#1 20-08-2016 
I cannot seem to sign up to Garden of Shadows. I have tried twice and it says I was successful, but I never got an email confirmation...even after 48 hours! And I really want to be a part of that site Sad
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#2 20-08-2016 
I've sent you a pm.

#3 22-08-2016 
It was long awaiting for me too, but as I had forsaken and was surfing on the web site, I was able to log in .... I don't understand but I'm happy anyway.

#4 26-08-2016 
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I had the same problem, I contacted shastakiss on tumblr and she was able to get me on GoS in a day.

#5 27-08-2016 
Thanks guys HL got me in Smile


Sorry, that is a members only option