Windows10 UC Graphics Card Bruhaha
#1 21-08-2016 
This is a wee bit of a weird one, maybe, or otherwise I'm likely totally oblivious and I am so very sorry regardless!

So I have this swanky new laptop, and it has a swanky sticker on it that says NVidia GeForce, specifically an NVidia GeForce 940MX according to the little GeForce popup doodad.
Problem is, in the config file, it shows as Intel HD Graphics Family.

So why is my laptop picking up an integrated graphics card when the NVidia is a standalone card (erm, whatever the proper term is), and is this the source of all my woes in navigating this Windows 10 mess?

Likewise, all of the numbers the FAQs say to find, not a single one matches up - for NVidia or Intel HD. Is my laptop picking up another card altogether or is this The Sims' way of collectively losing it's marbles at new techie stuff?

Help me Internet-Wan Kenobis, y'all are my only hope!

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#2 21-08-2016 
I'm not well at the moment, so I can't help you straight away.

It's picking up the intel card because it finds it. If you go to

Control Panel, System, Device manager and click on Display Adapters it will display two cards - one NVidia and one Intel. The NVidia might be a stand-alone card, but most laptops nowadays come with an Intel graphics card as well (in case your NVidia dies).

The reason why it's picking up the Intel card is because that's the one it's finding. If you find the NVidia graphics panel also in the Control Panel, it should allow you to specify the NVidia card for Sims 2.

#3 21-08-2016 
I keep selecting the High-Performance NVidia Processor for the Sims 2 execute file, but it keeps swapping automatically back over to the integrated graphics card?

Nevermind all of this though, you focus on getting rest, this all can wait!

#4 16-10-2016 
Hello, I am a dunderhead!

I think I fixed the graphics rules and video cards schmoe, the game functions (I kinda can't run it in windowed mode and I got that black box fix) but hey, the game works dangnabbit! : D

My only issue now (that I am currently aware of...) is smooth edges is off and grayed out, and I do have flickering in the Neighborhood screen when I move about in it. I can't recall it happening in CAS, it might have for all I know, and I haven't gone into a lot to see how it works in there, but I'm in the midst of still trying to get everything default replaced in CAS, set up Remi's non-poop 'hoods, etc, so please forgive me!

I'm adding the (hopefully fixed totally) config log just to see if that helps anyone! Thank y'all so much!

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.txt  LAPTOP-9LI4G0DF-config-log.txt (Size: 10.46 KB / Downloads: 414)


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