Howdy y'all!
#1 21-08-2016 
Hiya! I'm a longtime outside-looking-in-er, and I'd like to change that since I have a (supposedly) swanky new laptop, so here I am!

My name is Lauren, and I live smack-dab in the middle of Arkansas, a bit outside of Little Rock. I've played the Sims series from the start, and 1 & 2 still hold the golden title in my heart.
(I mean...4's pretty at least? ...Right?)

Erm...I'm extremely fond of sci-fi and fantasy games, specifically Star Wars/Star Trek, or Final Fantasy or anything Bioware/Obsidian churn out, but my other one true love is Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons! (Along with any other, silly, dating sims with odd mechanics, or glorious anime garbage like Valkyria Chronicles.)

I'm not really sure what else to say here, so...Hello, and please don't hate me!
: D
OracleTicTac, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Aug 2016.

#2 21-08-2016 
Hey! Welcome to leefish Smile why would we hate you?

#3 21-08-2016 
We don't hate you Smile Sims 4 is indeed pretty, and why would we want it to be Sims2 all over again? we already HAVE Sims 2Smile

#4 21-08-2016 
Welcome to leefish, great to meet you Smile

#5 22-08-2016 
G'Day Lauren, welcome to Leefish. There might be a few people jealous of your "swanky new laptop" but they are a very loving bunch here at Leefish...with no haters allowed.

#6 22-08-2016 
Welcome here, Lauren!

#7 22-08-2016 
Welcome ! Love Sci-Fi too.

#8 22-08-2016 
Welcome to Leefish, Lauren! And how could we possibly hate you when you like Star Trek? Big Grin

#9 23-08-2016 
Hi Lauren, sorry for my late response. Doesn't mean you're not welcome, though. Smile


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