Cards for Bay
#1 25-08-2016 
So... my poor kid Sad She understands too well for an (almost) 8 year old. She knows we never have money for big parties, or more than a couple dollar store gifts and a Hostess cupcake. But she still says "I sort of don't like my birthday, Mommy. I mean, I just wish it was better sometimes. But I know you do the best you can." So, I just thought I'd throw this out there, and maybe she could be showered with cards at least. She's heard me talk about at least half of you and I'm sure she'd love a card even if she hasn't, lol (She is a kid after all. Kids love mail. Because they only get good mail. No bills Wink ) By no means do I want anyone to feel pressured. Just if you want to. Her birthday is still about a month away, September 26th, I'm just posting this now because we had another "wish they were better" conversation last night.

If you want to send her a card:

Bailey Wears
706 W. Chestnut St.
Mt Vernon, OH 43050
a.k.a amotheroffourgirlswhosslowlylos​​singhermindmoreandmoreveryday

#2 26-08-2016 
Oh this is such a sweet gesture. I will try and make her a card or just buy one and and hopefully get it mailed out before she turns 21....#notimetomyself but I will do my best to make it before the 26th of next month. Side note my aunts is the 28th....

#3 26-08-2016 
Absolutely Jones - I will send her a card for her birthday. Smile

What are her favourite things in the world? And what are her favourite colours?

#4 26-08-2016 
Thanks ladies Smile

She loves music and all animals, but especially otters and dogs; and pink is her favorite color with purple a close second.
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#5 26-08-2016 
I'd love to send her a card, but how would she (and mum) feel about getting one that says "happy birthday" in a different language? I should be able to find a card in English, but just in case I don't (or don't find any I'd like to send an eight-year-old). Smile

#6 26-08-2016 
I think she'd love one in a different language! She's very into "the world". She likes to know about everywhere that isn't here Wink She's a very smart and curious cookie.

I'm so excited. Thanks ladies, it means a lot to me. I just really wanted something special for her. I love all my children to death, but Bay is the one who understands the most and is so big hearted. She consoles me when I'm upset. She's had wisdom way beyond her years since she started using full 5-6 word sentences with proper grammar at 19 months... No kidding. At 19 months I would hear things like "Mommy, I want more milk, please." And I feel guilty sometimes because it seems she's here to take care of me, not the other way around. She even told me as much at 3. I was upset one time when we'd taken a "gift" to Mom's grave. Bay said "I know you miss your mommy, but we're your family now and we'll take care of you." And her big ol' heart absorbs the feelings of those around her, and I'm afraid my bouts of depression are hard on her poor little soul. But with your help, we can fill her kind heart to bursting with love from around the world Heart
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#7 26-08-2016 
Of course I will send a card, Joni, what a lovely idea.

I will send cards to the other two as well, but you will need to remind me when their birthdays are nearer to the time. Heart

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If she doesn't mind a card in Russian, I'll definately send one. Might be a little late tho (our post is a mess =( ) but I'm in.

#9 26-08-2016 
Great idea!!! Hattie will draw a picture for her too Wink

#10 26-08-2016 
I'm pretty sure I can scrounge up a couple dollars for a card and stamp. Smile

Jones - if you believe in this type of stuff, sounds like she could be an empath.


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