Can Launch Sims 2 Utimate through origin or Mansion disk
#1 28-08-2016 
Oops ETA: "Can't launch Sims 2". This has been going on for quite some time. Windows 7 and have all expansion packs and got the directx 9 compatibility error. Tried all of the tricks on the web including all of those on the locked threat - drivers, compatibility modes - every tip on this site. Finally I took it all off and back on 1 at a time, starting between each. I gave up on playing Mansions and Gardens and got a pretty glitchy game with texture issues for 6 months. Finally I got tired of not using the great additions I paid for but couldn't use and tried Mansions again. Followed all of the graphics and video downloads, graphic quality fixes, use right driver, admin, compatibility... still can't get past the first screen after clicking "Play" the game just freezes on the screen with blue squares - loads about 3/8 every time and crashes. Sometimes with no error, sometimes with DirectX error. Then I read where Origin opened up the free Ultimate Collection with proof of original Sims 2 purchase - I thought maybe some of the issues were worked out there so got that in Origin. Still same issue so I did all of the fixes AGAIN on that game (fun with pets) and STILL I can't launch either version.

I really hope your migraines are much better! I would feel bad if you worked on this while in pain so please don't respond until you feel better, Kiri!!

Thank you!

Oh and here are my computer specs:

Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1
Intel Core i7-4600M CPU @ 2.90Ghz 2.90 GHz (so dual core, right?)
4.0 GB RAM (3.69 GB usable)
64-bit OS

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