Completely stuck.
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I installed The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection and well every time I go to make a Sim it crashes. Gave it a Google and downloaded the different graphic card options still to not hope. I can't seem to locate the config file you require? Its not where it say below. Is it what I have attached?

Windows 10

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That's not the config-log.txt - that's the exception log - when your game crashes that's what it creates.

The config-log.txt is in the same folder that you got that from.

If you open up file explorer in that folder, and click on the 'size' heading so that the largest ones are at the top - the config-log.txt will be the one underneath the exception files.

You may be missing it because it has your computer name in front of the config-log.txt So

<mypcname>-config-log.txt is what you should be looking for.

If you don't have suffixes turned on, it won't have the .txt on the end, but the type will be 'text document'.

I really need that log to be able to help you.

So have a second look. We can kind of get around it with other information that is a little more complicated to find, but start with having a second look for it.


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