#1 25-09-2016 
Does anyone know if there is a way to add a party to the game? I have never actually seen one added before. I have an idea for a children's party (not birthday, although it would probably be the logical choice to clone off of.) It would actually be a part of a greater download, if I could get it to work that is Big Grin The problem is, I can mod objects, but have never done a custom anything like a career. Just suggestions as to where to go to start, would be helpful. I am NOT asking for someone to do it for me, just point me in the right direction is all Smile
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#2 25-09-2016 
Am I to understand that you want to add a new TYPE of party to the game? Under the best of circumstances, I expect this to be an extremely complicated thing to accomplish. At the very least, I have never heard of anyone having done such a thing. To me, that seems like it might not even be possible.

#3 25-09-2016 
Well I am going to try, if it doesn't work, I won't be surprised. Smile I can still do the rest of what I want to do, I just wanted it as an addition. I did find the package to make it in simpe at least! That said, that is the least thing on the list to try Big Grin

#4 25-09-2016 
Yeah, go for it. You have my blessing to try, and I pray for you that you may succeed.

#5 11-10-2016 
Sending a version off for testing Big Grin

#6 13-10-2016 
It came back that it passed Smile

Now to add more types Big Grin Suggestions welcome Smile

#7 13-10-2016 
Ohhhhhh what a cool idea!!
Hens Party
Batchelor party
Wedding Anniversary
All the big milestones (Sweet 16, 21st, 30th, 50th)
Even a tupperware party!
Halloween Party
Baby Shower
Just a few ideas Big Grin

#8 13-08-2018 
I'll second the Halloween Party idea. We have all those Halloween goodies in Holiday Stuff, yet unlike Yule and New Year's Day, our Sims don't have an actual time to celebrate Halloween! Why not give us another excuse to break out the jack o'lanterns and inflatable black cats? Big Grin


Christmas Party
Hannukah Party
LAN Party
Housewarming Party
Charity Fundraiser
Campaign Fundraiser (increase your Politics careerist's chances of getting promoted, yay!)
Makeover Party
Pet Grooming Party
No Particular Reason Party...oh, wait, that's just a regular House Party.

Adventure Party
Swingers Party
War Party
Search-and-Rescue Party
Political Party
Communist Party

...okay, just kidding with those last six. Or am I? Tongue

#9 14-08-2018 
If you *are* joking, then you should also add the "Away Party" to the list. And the "Going Away Party" as well.

#10 14-08-2018 
Well, we all know how away parties went down in Star Trek. Does that mean that every Away Party results in at least one Sim dying, starting with the ones in the red shirts first? Big Grin


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