#11 15-08-2018 
If you are silly enough to have them attend in Starfleet uniforms, then what else do you expect??

#12 15-08-2018 
Hey, don't disparage my Starfleet uniforms. They look fabulous! Tongue

#13 15-08-2018 
That's not the point. If you wear the uniform, you must live by its rules. That means, the security officer dies first!

#14 15-08-2018 
True. But the inference is that if everyone in the house is a security officer, then the Grim Reaper will soon end up eating out of their fridge and watching their TV. And that's terrible. Tongue

#15 15-08-2018 
If everyone in the house is a security officer, then who gives the orders? And where are the science and support guys?

A ship run by only security officers is terrible in itself, and deserves to be decimated!

#16 17-08-2018 
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That actually could be a good idea depending upon your sense of humor, of course. When a sim reaches the inevitable last day of the elder stage, his family could throw a "tasteful" little bash, decorating the house with things he enjoyed.

#17 19-08-2018 
I of course hope that if there is a new mod that adds one or more Party types, that it would work with BV and below and not require FT or AL or M&G.

Every so often there is a MOD or set of Mods that I would like to install and use if they were compatiable, and I am hoping that this unamed mod is not incompatiable as I would love to have more choices in Parties in the Sims 2.

I like to throw Parties, I just have to be careful that I don't have too many guests as sometimes I will get a crash. I suspect that the crash is due to trying to have too many sims and pets on one lot. I do know that the crash is because of a memory error.

Mostly I am OK with what I have available on my iMac though as it is very reliable and I have an Überhood with a lot of Sims to play with.

#18 19-08-2018 
#19 19-08-2018 
(19-08-2018 10:46 AM)leefish Wrote:

Adds parties

Undecided I appreciate the effort, but me I am not able to use that particuar MOD, I went and looked at the linked page and it lists FT and AL as required EPs and since I play on my iMac I am not able to install FT and AL and thus I am not able to take advantage of this MOD. oh well. :-(

#20 19-08-2018 
Hmm, I can't see why that mod needs all those EPs. Maybe the modder has only UC and so cannot test with an exe lower than Mansion and Garden stuff.

I will have a look in an AGS.

Have you never considered using WINE to run the windows version of the sims2? I know plasticbox used it with some success.


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