Moving my Sims 2 game from C drive to D drive
#1 27-09-2016 
Hi all, I need your help. I have The sims 2 and all expansion packs installed on my Windows 10 desktop. Unfortunately, my CC downloading has gotten out of hand and as a result, a lot of HD space is gone. I have only 18GB left on my C drive, but I have discovered that I actually have a D drive on the computer that has almost 800 GB of free space on it. Is it possible to move my entire game as well as the download folders etc over to the D drive without it messing anything up? If so, how can I do this? Thanks so much in advance.
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#2 27-09-2016 
There is a way in Windows to move certain folders from one location to another. I would have to look up how that works again, but it allows you to move system folders - like My Documents, for example - too.

The installed game files (in the Program Files folder) cannot simply be moved though. You would have to uninstall those, and install them in a new location, like on the D: drive. If you make sure that you have a backup of your data folders (in My Documents), you can continue to use them after the reinstall.

#3 26-02-2017 
Sorry for my extremely late response, I had no computer for awhile. But I will definitely keep your info in mind, and as soon as I get my other game problem fixed I will see about backing up the game and moving everything. Thanks Smile


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