UPDATED: Sims 2 UC and Windows 10..Bleh.
#1 02-10-2016 
Config Log attached.
Windows 10 Operating System. This is my computer.


The graphics/camera of my game glitches via flickering whether I am moving the mouse or not.
Tried to make a Sim in University CAS, clicked on the arrow button of hairstyles to go to the second or third page and the game crashes. This has happened twice. I have only had this game a day or two.

This copy of UC is from Origin.
I have tried running it in compatibility mode but CAS still crashes.
I thought maybe it was my CC but I ran Sims2Pack Installer and nothing is corrupt.

I don't know what to do. I love this game and really don't want to go back to Sims 3 Sad

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