Perfume Display selling soap
#1 03-10-2016 
I am making a functional soap. I am making it buyable at the store, but also am going to be making a version buyable from the buy catalog.

I actually managed to change the perfume stand! It has been driving me nuts lol. The soap carries through all the way from the store to home now, in its proper form.

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#2 03-10-2016 
That is looking cool, does it have restock options in OFB?

#3 03-10-2016 
I will let you know once my beauty shop sim sells some Smile

#4 04-10-2016 
It works in ofb.

#5 04-10-2016 
Is that with the new GUIDs?

#6 04-10-2016 
yes, first thing I did was change guids.

The two main problems I am having with it, is that the inventory thing borked when I changed all the accessory guid references. Sad thing about that is, the guid properly matches for the inventory bhav, and it still doesn't work. I went through to see if I missed any other accessory guid spots, but can't find one. I triple checked I entered it correctly, and it says I did, so I may just have to rewrite the inventory part of the code.

The other thing I am not happy about is the limitations of the perfume to accept various animations. It naturally wouldn't accept the sponge bathing ones because they require the sink, but it won't even accept ones like dancing the hula. I did get it to accept a few, and chose one, and changed the fx to soap bubbles. I kept the perfume ones mainly, added hygiene, added a wiggle from clothing change (might expand that) and the soap bubbles. I tried to actually make it trigger a clothing change, as I thought it would be appropriate, but nope. Funny thing is, I put the animation under object animation for something, and it worked, but the soap floated way up in the air, so I moved it to the adult anims, and it errored out.
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#7 08-10-2016 
Ok making progress... Evidently I am going to have to re-add in a pie menu to use the soap in inventory :/ Have no clue why it is missing. EA code is borked somehow (bhavs that aren't called anywhere for instance).

Trying to add push actions now...

#8 11-10-2016 
Pie menu figured out.

#9 20-10-2016 
Got my animation done.

#10 24-10-2016 

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