Tutorial for Separating Subset Components in Milkshape
#11 30-01-2017 
In uvmapper, you don't have to do all that export/save stuff. Just select the parts of the mesh you want in a new group, then Tools/Assign To/Group. Choose group name in drop down box or create new, MS will ask if you want to create new one and say yes. Then export. You now have two (or as many as you wish to make) groups. When exporting, make sure the box to export as one group is not ticked.

#12 31-01-2017 
Actually, the chair already has 2 subsets so none of the "separating subsets" applies here. The subsets are both named cushion - Shasta needs to rename one of those to "frame" in SimPE. No need to use MilkShape or UVMapper for anything. The "adding a subset" tutorial *will* need to be followed so the "new" subset will have a texture though.

I found the chair in my mess of folders, I'll be back with it later-ish. Smile

Edit: Before I let you have it - it crashed my game. You said .bundles are notorious when it comes to edits? I wonder...
A check of the scenegrapher shows everything is ilnked properly. I tried a recolor and had no problems. The file was recompressed. So I dunno. Do you still want it?
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#13 01-02-2017 
I don't think the issue is with the file extension (.bundle.package) but rather with editing a file that has been compressed. Mine is edited and works fine.

#14 01-02-2017 
But I recompressed it. *sigh* Since yours works, would you share it?

(I've been having problems editing compressed files lately. Never had trouble before. I think I may need to reinstall SimPE.. although I did the "system" check and it got all gree check marks.)

#15 01-02-2017 
Thank you both for your help! Two smarties helping me!?! Heart

My effort has 2 subsets (yay!) and doesn't crash my game (yay!) but the frame flashes blue (boo!) in game and I just can't find whatever I missed. I've stared at the resources and stared at IgnorantBliss' tutorial but everything looks right. Huh

#16 01-02-2017 
Flashing blue? GMND, TXMT, or SHPE. Did you change cushion to frame everywhere? Tongue

#17 01-02-2017 
I've checked and re-checked everything and I'm just not seeing whatever I missed ;__;

#18 04-02-2017 
Help? All I did was tell you it's possible to just rename one of the subsets, then go on to tell you that my edited version crashes my game!
That said, let me see if I can help, lol. Flashes blue? Something somewhere isn't linked properly.


^Should be how your TXMTs are set up* (see Note below), how the Material Definition File line in the SHPE should be and how the name(dString) in the MMAT's should be. (Without the fancynewshastachair, of course.)

If either or them are wrong, or all 3 for that matter, you'll get the flashing blue.

Note: TXMT - filename fancynewshastachair_cushion_white_txmt; description on the cMaterialDefinition tab should be the same; then just "-white" for the stdMatBaseTextureName and the Filename on the FileList tab. (Or whatever the texture name actually is, I threw my chair away so I don't know exactly what it is.)

If I've confused you, feel free to throw teddy bears at me. If I've told you something you already know and haven't helped in any way... feel free to throw teddy bears at me. Or chocolate. I like chocolate even more than I like teddy bears.

#19 04-02-2017 
Here's the original and my edit if anyone wants to look at it. I didn't 'fix integrity' because it adds all the ##0x1C050000! but is that the problem? I honestly just can't see what I missed otherwise. And mlc, please stop downplaying the help you're giving me - I appreciate it very much. Thank you Heart

#20 04-02-2017 
I looked at the original. I looked at your edited version. I did not see any problems with your edited version, it seems that everything is linked properly.
BUT - when I checked the scenegrapher? Not a one of the textures was linked to anything, they were all sitting there by their little lonesome selves with no fancy black lines connecting them to anything.
Confused yet? Well, read on. I said I had checked my version and it was all linked properly? I have no idea what I thought I was seeing because when I checked the original's scenegrapher? It looked exactly like your versoin. (My version shouldn't have looked like it was linked properly by any stretch of the imagination since all it was was an edit of the original.) After making sure my glasses didn't need cleaned, I double checked to make sure I didn't have 2 SimPE windows open, both showing your version. My glasses were clean, I don't need to see a doctor.. I had both windows open.

Want to be confused even more? (Sure you do! Join me in my confusion! I have cookies!) All of the TXMTs and MMATs in the scenegrapher showed "external" - which usually means that the object is slaved to another object. But this chair isn't slaved to anything?? OR if it is, why are all the TXTRs, TXMTs and MMATs still in the package. I think this chair may be out of my league.


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