Fishmas 2016
#1 12-10-2016 

* SantaFish peeks out from under her fin and yawns

It's almost the most wonderful time of the year! Can you hear the sleighbells in the distance? After last year's success, we will be hosting another advent calendar this year, filled to the brim with goodies. This is an early notification for those who like to get a headstart, more details on how to share your gifts will be posted on November 1.

* SantaFish crawls back into the fishcave for another long nap
SantaFish, jingling around the fishbowl since '15.

#2 15-10-2016 
Rockin' around the Fishmas bowl,
With the Fishmas Party Sims!
Seaweed hung where you can see
All the schools of fish will swim!

#3 16-10-2016 
Hey everyone! Big Grin Unlike last year, this year, I will make something for real! And... actually... I've even already finished it! Big Grin

However, I'd like to ask SantaFish a favor, please; may I? As I'm not so so good at taking screenshots, I'd like you to take them for me, please. I will tell you in a private message what that gift for Advent Calendar 2016 is, but you'll probably figure out by yourself (of course! lol). Tongue

Thank you!

#4 16-10-2016 
I won't ask for much this Fishmas
I won't even wish for kelp
I'm just gonna swim here, waiting
Underneath the seaweed wreath

I just want a Fishmas gift
That fulfils my fondest wish
Make my fish swim true
All I want for Fishmas
Are Sims

Advent calendar, yay! Fishmas Sign me up! (LOL, at first I mistyped that as "Signe me up." Signe [SING-neh] is my dog. Wink )

#5 16-10-2016 
Does Santa Fish hibernate....?

#6 19-10-2016 
SantaFish summernates Fishmas


Sorry, that is a members only option