Fishmas 2016
#41 29-01-2017 
I'm not sure the comments go with my gift's day anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but thank you both for hosting (ツ)

#42 30-01-2017 
Yeah, I think our days got switched up or something shasta. Fishmas day part 4 was my teddy interactions enabled mod, but now it's your 3t2 plants that I have noted as day 4 Smile I think maybe Day 1-5 were confused with Fishmas parts 1 through 5? Cause day 1-5 are still listed as by Santafish. The rest of mine are all where I expect them to be, only the Fishmas day one is wrong.

Thanks Lee though for linking things! Must have been very fiddly and taken a whole lot of time.

#43 30-01-2017 
Yes it did, sorry about the explosions.

#44 31-01-2017 
Is it possible to change the creator again, or is it stuck like this now? Smile I don't mind much for myself, but it seems such a shame after all the work Gina put in to the record player Smile

#45 05-02-2017 
Yay! it is fixed Smile or at least my record player is. I hope everyone's is!

#46 06-02-2017 
Awesome! I guess now that people have control of their threads, they can change the pics and text to make it look like a normal upload?

#47 09-02-2017 
Um oh yeah I should do that this weekend...


Sorry, that is a members only option