• OFB stackable crates Recolours
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Recolours for the OFB stackable crate I just posted on MTS. The crate is a display shelf for OFB items - shops and what not. Mesh is included as a separate file - so you dont have to get the mesh if you already have it from MTS, but if you don't have it - here it is.

[Image: thumb640x480]


2 wood recolours - grey and grungy brown
2 metal recolours - one solid metal, the other wireframe mesh
1 overlay recolour - the worlds cutest label, and all in simlish Smile

SIMPE, Cmo (for pushing me to do grungy recolours) Fanseelamb for being encouraging. And demanding cats. More of that later.
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I'm a little late finding these, but they're great! Just what I need to start a flea market.


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