NVIDIA update messed up shadows in my game (SOLVED)
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Unfortunately, my game was having graphics issues, so I did what people often advised you do in cases like these ... you update the drivers. It was a while since I last did one. Nothing strange here. Turned out it was a major update.

When I ran the game again, the game stuck at the 800x600 resolution. Fine. That's fixable. I first used the fix here: http://www.leefish.nl/mybb/showthread.php?tid=5446. Since I have a NVIDIA GTX 950 card, I used the NVIDIA download.

The fix goes up to a 1600x1024 resolution. It was closer to my original setting, at least! Previously, the game ran at 1920x1080 with no problems. But I did the fix here: http://simsvip.com/2014/07/20/the-sims-2...ion-guide/ (apparently a variation of a common fix ... I've seen this mentioned in slight variations on other sites, including this one). The game went back to the native resolution, and I thought everything was copasetic.

Not exactly. For some reason, my tree shadows are stuck at high when I go to a 1920x1080 resolution, even when I try to turn the shadows off. They're fine at 1600x1024. But not matter what I try, I can't get those shadows to budge. And I've tried many things:


EDIT and apology. I cannot delete this thread. But maybe this should stay here, anyway.

I solved the problem ... and it was one of the simplest solutions.

For anyone else who might encounter this: a common piece of advice when changing resolutions is to change all the SETI numbers to 3. I've seen this on a few sites now. I just checked to see if I was oblivious. Nope. That piece of advice is there.

As I was re-inserting celebkiriedhel's amended NVIDIA graphics file for the ... I dunno how what number I was up to ... maybe 12th? time (no exaggeration), I took another look at the file. Celebkiriedhel never changed those SETI numbers. She kept them at 1, 2 and 3.

At this early in the AM, and after trying every fix I could think of, it occurred to me ... why not just change the highest resolution to 1920x1080 and NOT touch the SETI section? Could it be that celebkiriedhel might know a little more than a graphics.sgr noob like me about that section? Maybe? Possibly? So I ignored the advice on those other sites and just changed the two resolution numbers in that $High section. That's it.

Success! No blobby tree shadows in the off setting! Those shadows are still awful at the high setting, but at least I can ignore them now.

I wish life's solutions were that easy. The answer was under my nose the whole time and I didn't notice it. Thank you for the file in the first place, Celebkiriedhel. Smile
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