Sims 2 Windows 10 Custom Stairs No Show.
#1 03-11-2016 
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I have been around the block a few times trying to get Sims 2 to run on windows 10. I got some of my answers here and thanks for that. The only problem I have left is that custom stairs are not showing up. I download almost exclusively from The Sims Resource and got my stairs from Cyclonesue and Chrissy6930. I have edited the script modularstairs, thrown it out and put the original back and tried again with only 1 set of stairs. No stairs.

Along with the base game I have University, Nightlife, Open For Business and Family Fun Stuff installed in C:\Program Files.

Can you help? What else do you need from me?


#2 31-07-2017 
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I have that problem too and can't seam to find any answer!!!


Sorry, that is a members only option