The Sims 2 flickering/black screen
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Hello everyone,

For the past 3 days I have once again tried to get TS2 to run on my laptop, but I keep encountering problems with the screen. I have tried every tip I could find, including the ones on this forum, but without any results. I will try to describe my problem as well as possible and have attached my latest config-log. I am running Windows 10 (on an ASUS A55A) and have an Intel HD 4000 graphics card.

After I have installed everything (M&G stuff as newest EP) without making any changes afterwards, I am able to run the game. However, after I open a neighbourhood the screen turns black and will turn to normal (and stay that way) when I press the windows key or briefly switch windows with alt-tab. When I then load a family, the screen flickers every 5 seconds.
This is the "base" problem, and everything I tried to fix this has resulted in a new level problem. I tried downloading the graphics rules maker and tried different things I read online (add graphics card to database, switch off shadows, etc.). This resulted in the screen still being black when loading a neighbourhood, but now staying black. After closing the game, my whole screen remains black and I can click and see my cursor change when moving over my desktop (I think), but I have to restart my laptop to fix the screen. Then I have to re-install the whole game because I can't change it back otherwise. Thanks to the thread I figured out that I could look into the config-log to determine the exact problem in my case. I noticed that it said that my card was not found in the database, so I downloaded the fix for my Intel card, 0166. This was the only deviation I could find; my texture memory is fine. This however didn't change anything, so I was still stuck at the base problem. I have tried low settings, high settings, downloading the texture memory fix anyway for both below 3000 Mhz and above (my log says above 3000); nothing changed or I got the worse problem again.

I have enclosed my latest config-log, it is now at the point of the worse problem where I have to restart my laptop to get my screen back. As for many people, this is my favorite Sims game and I have tried to get it running for a long time. Any help, tips or insight into what the problem might be is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

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