Pretend stairs -- not sure where to start
#1 19-11-2016 
OK, I like the fixed stairs that came with the base game, but I never use them because of the "one sim at a time" limitation.

So my idea is to do something like BuggyBooz did with her Nooks and Niches's stair cover: i.e., clone the fixed stairs, slave them to the original ones, turn them into something purely decorative, and place them over modular stairs (possibly invisible). They wouldn't be stairs anymore; just overlays.

One slight issue: I don't have a clue how to do it. I've had a look at BB's step covers, and they only have two BHAVs: Init and Main, and they're pretty simple. There's also only one OBJD, one Global Data, etc.

So I tried cloning the "Stare Steppers" staircase. Aside from the fact I pulled all the colours, which I certainly don't need to do... I end up with a ton of objects, references, and pointers to BHAV that aren't in the package. So basically I'm so lost, I'm not even sure what questions I need to ask!

Probably, what can I get rid of? I surely don't need all these functions, pointers etc if I just want to make a decorative object?
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#2 19-11-2016 
Clone a rug. Then export the mesh from the stairs, and import that into the GMDC of the rug. Then repository the stair mesh to the game original.

#3 19-11-2016 
Brilliant, thanks!

#4 19-11-2016 
How exciting! It works :-)

(Please kindly ignore the flashing blue shadows, I forgot about them!)

This shows the Dreamers climbing upstairs, using the modular stairs. The fake staircase isn't quite large enough to cover the modular steps, but that's fine -- I'll make an invisible recolour for the modular stairs.

I cloned the smallest IKEA rug; should I have used another one, or is it fine?

#5 19-11-2016 
It should be fine, the modular stairs underneath will stop any sims walking through the object.

#6 20-11-2016 
Won't require IKEA, but if you cloned it with all EPs checked, doesn't that mean it requires those EPs? Haven't entirely figured that out, but I know I've been taught to clone things only with the EPs I want to be required checked when cloning the object.

#7 20-11-2016 
Ikea, yea, should really have used a NightLife rug. You could use Echos, but that is a big rug.

#8 20-11-2016 
I don't think a downloader needs all EPs/SPs that were present while cloning the object. Objects are not 'hoods.

#9 21-11-2016 
They do BO, otherwise it wont show in game.

#10 21-11-2016 
I really thought that in order for an object to show in game, you only need the pack that contained the original. Not all the other packs. Actually, I'm fairly sure of that. But if you say otherwise...


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