Crashing-A Series of Unfortunate Events
#31 25-12-2016 
@celebkiriedhel I pulled out all the Decor and the game did not crash. I went through every single catalog category in Buy, Build and NB Decor to confirm there were no other issues.

Funny thing - I found a wall mounted satellite antenna in Small Appliances that I will need to re-categorize at some point.

And I seem to be missing some meshes. I had candles with blue bases so I guess the mesh is Decor and the candles are lighting. But I digress...

Not sure if I should pull the good stuff out and put the Decor back in to test or if I should start the 50/50 process.

#32 25-12-2016 

Yup - pull out all the good stuff - and start the 50/50 with just the decor. It will make it go faster to find it.

BTW - Happy Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy Hannukah! Happy Kwaanza! Happy Festivus! FishmasFishmas

#33 25-12-2016 
@celebkiriedhel thank you! Cheers to you as well! Fishmas I need to wrap presents so I don't know how much I will do tonight with the CC. And I need to try and not stay up until 3AM Sleepy

ETA: Once I clear files, do I leave them in and test another batch?
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#34 13-01-2017 
Just a quick FYI - I am still working on this. I've not been feeling well so I am taking it slow. Please bear with me.

#35 14-01-2017 

No worries at all. Do things at your own pace. Smile

#36 05-07-2018 
Hello. I've been gone a while and recently came back to my Sims 2 game. Everything is cleaned up and working but I have a weird issue where roads in front of my lots are either blue or black. Walls under roofs and on foundations seem to be "missing as well. I thought it might have to do with the graphics rules file but Graphics Rules Maker will not detect my installed game. Uploading a couple of files here just in case. This .sgr file is from 2016 when things were working fine (other than CC)

Also adding a couple of screenshots from a vanilla game and a modded game for reference. OK maybe not. I can only add the txt file. I have screencaps of the issue if you need them.

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