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#1 24-11-2016 
I am long time player of various Sims games. I started with The Sims Bustin' Out on the PS2 and then started playing other Sims on the PS2 and I played Sims 1 on one of my old Macs, I now play Sims 2 on my most recent Mac. I used to play The Sims 3 briefly, but I quit playing it due to its buggy nature and because it leaks memory on my Mac, since it is a poorly implemented PC that they made to sort of run on Macs.

I have not bought The Sims 4 and will not ever touch The Sims 4, considering how badly EA games did the Sims 3 on the Mac.

I play the Mac version of the Sims 2 that was ported by Aspyr and it does not include anything past BV, but I am not very interested in FT and AL anyway so I have never bothered to try to get the Sims 2 for the PC and run that.

I seldom have ever downloaded a lot, the only one so far is The Apple Store with a lot of CC that I love to run, other than that one I build my own buildings.

I have several of BoilingOil's Mods which I think are great and I have a goodly number of Mods by other creators all of which I am gad to have. They make the game less irritating and less likely for to have to restart the game now that I have them.
Really not very interested in creating CC, I just love to play and build and run businesses and I enjoy coming up with new business ideas.
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Welcome to the fish pond, lordtyger9.

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Welcome Smile You're going to love it here!


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