Finding bhavs for automatic events
#1 01-12-2016 
Usually when I want to mod something I can think of a way to narrow things down and get to the right group so I can filter out the relevant parts. But recently I've had several projects where I don't know where to start, because they aren't linked to any object or other area that I am familiar with, so I decided to see if one of you might have advice on how to find it.

As an example, I'd like to look at the code controlling pregnancy development, when a Sim progresses from one trimester to the other. But I'm not sure how to find it. I'm going to dig around some mods I have related to pregnancy in hopes of finding the pregnancy controller and going from there, but that's just one example. My question is, does any one have any advice on how to find code related to things that happen that aren't tied to an object or one of the semi-global groups?
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#2 02-12-2016 
One thing to try is looking in the Object Workshop's "Unknown" category. You'll find lots and lots of things there that are anything but objects - different controllers, for examples, including but not limited to the pregnancy controller. So if you want to find BHAVs from, say, an social interaction, this is where you'd look for them (I know this for an absolute fact - I've done it myself). You clone them just like you do with objects - then you can pull your BHAVs and whatnot from there.

#3 05-12-2016 
Thank you, I had forgotten about that category. I'll write it down so I don't forget in the future Smile

Glad you mentioned social interactions. I suppose I should try to be helpful to potential readers, not just ask for help myself, so if one is looking for social things many of them are in the 0x7F01EC29 group. That's where I look when I want social interactions, doesn't always help but it's a start.

#4 05-12-2016 
Or, from the "[Group Filter]" drop-down menu, select "Personglobals". That's the same group, but you don't need to remember the group's instance number.

#5 06-12-2016 
Well that makes some things a lot easier! Not sure how I managed to not see that drop down menu, but I did. Whenever I've wanted to find a group I've gone via the import semi-globals menu and written down group instance, which seems rather silly now. Thanks Smile
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#6 06-12-2016 
You're welcome. I was lucky to figure that out quite a while ago. Socials and sim-to-sim interactions are grouped under "PersonGlobals". That makes sense, right? Global and semi-global stuff to do with cars, helicopters and other vehicles (including the UFO) can be found under "CarGlobals". Most global and semi-global stuff about fridges, plates, bowls and meals can be found in "FoodDish_Globals". And so on, and so forth.

Just click some of those groups some time, and find out where that takes you. Pretty soon, the way you find stuff is going to be different.

#7 10-01-2017 
That is helpful as I want to make a romantic interaction when I give chocolates Smile


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