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You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I'm telling you why
Santa Fish is coming to town!
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#2 05-12-2016
Very, very cute and clever SantaFish - Thank you so very much!

#3 05-12-2016
Oooh! Thanks Santafish! And your Scandanavian cousin, SinterHerring! =)

[Image: th?id=OIP.Maa20df53f3bcff40c66896dc892e6...;amp;h=300]

♫ Here comes SantaFish,
♪ Here comes SantaFish,
♫ Right down SantaFish Lane,
♪ He's got a bag that's filled with sims
♫ For boys and girls again.
♪ Hear those sleigh bells jingle jangle,
♫ Oh what a beautiful sight,
♪ So jump in the sea bed,
♫ and cover your head,
♪ 'Cause SantaFish comes tonight.
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#4 05-12-2016
What a cute gift! Thank you, SantaFish! Smile

(05-12-2016 01:58 PM)grinEvilly Wrote:  And your Scandanavian cousin, SinterHerring! =)

The Netherlands is in Scandinavia now? Must have missed the memo. Rolleyes


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