sims2 #1

Why couldn't it be Fishmas everyday.
Swimming around with Santa in the sea
Don't you know if you'll be good just like you should
You'll here those jingle bells rings.
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#5 07-12-2016
Wonderful gift Big Grin Thanks!

#6 07-12-2016
Thank you sooo much!

#7 08-12-2016
oooh, what a lovely gift! another area that EAxis fell short, corrected by Santafish and all his fishmas helpers! Thank you so much!

[Image: 341b60dc0c96dd45a3b36c50080a23a4.jpg]

♫ I saw three fish come swimming by
♪ On fishmas day, on fishmas day
♫ I saw three fish come swimming by
♪ On fishmas day in the morning!

#8 10-12-2016
Lovely! This is something I can never get enough of. Smile Thank you, SantaFish!


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