• La Grande Mesa - Neighborhood Build
  • Creator: tictactoe
I am still in the process of building Rio Isla and its offshoot town, Panama City. La Grande Mesa is a new offshoot. Wish me luck!

I'll update this thread with pics of the progress. I might scrap Rio Isla's lots altogether even though all the lots are made from scratch :/ I'm not happy with the outcome.

Small snapshots of La Grande Mesa. Just the parts I managed to decorate. The terrain/hood is a custom sc4 I downloaded off MTS.

There's a bus stop/port, random business towers, a study spot, and a mall under construction.

All of the screens were too big so here they are:

[Image: 2vcx3c3.png]
[Image: 6s9753.jpg]
[Image: o79jwi.jpg]
[Image: 14t36sy.jpg]

La Grande Mesa - Neighborhood Build Screenshot          
#2 10-12-2016
First half of neighborhood, layout 1:

[Image: ay0oev.png]

the purple squares with stars in the middle signify "affordable"/regular-schmegular housing. Greens stars are trees, yellow is deco. Red squares mean nothing is going to be sold there.

#3 26-12-2016
An update is coming soon! I finished building the museum! (link below)! Smile



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