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Merry Fishmas teens of the Simworld! With this present, you're all guaranteed to have smoother skin, better self-esteem and less zit cream costs! Put your money to better use, and stop worrying that horrible zits will burst out all over your face right before that special date.

With this, your teens hygiene needs to drop below half before they are at risk of getting zits. In the original coding zit can break out once teens go below 75% hygiene which seems rather cruel to me. Give the poor buggers a chance to keep their clean skin, they shouldn't get zits just because they went for a run.

This is a global mod. No expansion packs or stuff packs required. Compatible with all packs.

Since Fishmas I've chosen to upload this on MTS as well. If you want to know how to edit this and set a different hygiene threshold, please check that thread.

Disclaimer: I am well aware that hygiene has absolutely nothing to do with developing zits. I think it's rather sad EA chose to code it like that, and I may one day decide to overhaul it completely, but for now this will have to do.

Fishmas text
Once in lowly Leefish city,
Was a fishmas party held. 
Lots of gifts were made and wrapped securely,
Ready for the fishmas sack. 
Santa came and shared some joy,
Filled our games, with glitter and gold.
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Less Zits - Day 9 Screenshot Less Zits - Day 9 Screenshot          
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"Thank you, SantaFish!"

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Thank you Santafish Big Grin

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