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Merry Fishmas to all of you out there that love plaid, and separate everyday clothes. This gift contains skirts in plaid for adult females. The mesh is bottom only and has flats for shoes. The skirt comes in six different colors (red, blue, green, white, pink and purple) with black flats.

Skirt info
- Available for AF and YA-F.
- Shows up in everyday bottom.
- Shoe sound is sandal
- Not townified
- Tooltip is filename, to make it easier to locate file from bodyshop.

Mesh by trapping is included. Textures were based off of jooxis plaid skirts for teens.

Trapping for the mesh. If you want to check out trappings original jeans skirt on this mesh, you'll find them on MTS.
Jooxis for the teen plaid skirt texture I manipulated to create these textures. If you want to check out jooxis teen plaid skirts, you'll find them on MTS.

CC tops worn in screenshot
Red: All About Style's Untucked Raw 7 Top Page 2 - here
Green: Amaryll Lillany Jacket in black. No link, got it as part of a Sim and I can't find it.
Purple: CatOfEvilGenius needlecreamtop - here
Blue: Sentate's Empusa Peplum top - here
White: Bombardingsheep's HA_smartvestsleeves in the Mélange set Part 4 - here
Pink: All About Style's Untucked Black White top. Page 1 - here

Fishmas text
Silver cod, silver cod!
It's Fishmas time in the Fishbowl!
Soon it will be Fishmas day!
x 23

Plaid skirts - Day 12 Screenshot Plaid skirts - Day 12 Screenshot          
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#2 12-12-2016
Yum! These are very nice - Thank you, SantaFish!

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Very pretty, thank you

#4 12-12-2016
Lovely. Smile Thank you, SantaFish and Helper!


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