• Painting autonomy changes - Day 15
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Do you sometimes wish you could tell a certain Sim to pass on painting? Well you can! Passing is easy with this painting pass pass. Just give the painting pass pass to any Sim you'd like to make pass, and they'll get the message. As a bonus, it also keeps those pesky visitors from using your Sims easel when visiting. Now your Sims will have one less thing to fight about this upcoming Fishmas!

This is a global mod that changes easel autonomy on residential lots. Visiting Sims will no longer autonomously use easels. Additionally, Sims carrying the painting pass pass object (found in general/misc, costs 0) in their inventory will refrain from painting autonomously. It only affects residential lots, autonomy will be unchanged on community lots. The idea behind the mod is to give you the option of keeping the easels for your painter Sim, without visitors and other household members filling up the easels with their paintings.

Requires FT, AL or M&G. It will conflict with other mods affecting easel autonomy. Conflicts may not show in HCDU, but they do conflict. May conflict with mods affecting easel interactions. Most likely affects custom easels, depends on how they were made.

Thank you to the wonderful Michelle who created the object and the base texture used for the painting pass pass. If you are interested in the object and her many lovely textures, you'll find them on MTS - Bank of Sims Credit Card.

If you liked this creation you may also like my Music Autonomy Overhaul on MTS. It changes instrument autonomy in a similar way as this mod.

Fishmas text
Grandma got swum over by a catfish! 
Swimming home from our bowl Fishmas Eve
You can say there's no such thing as Santa
But as for me and Grandpa, we believe
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#2 15-12-2016
Brilliant (and much needed, at least in my game) idea! Thank you, SantaFish! Big Grin

#3 15-12-2016
Wunder-bunnies! Didn't know I needed that one, but - mannnn - I do Celebrate

#4 15-12-2016
What a great idea, thank you so much!


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