Toy record player
#1 18-12-2016 
Question? I have cloned my toy record player from the dollhouse. I have gone through the various steps to make something recolorable that isn't normally, including adding material override etc. However, while I can make a recoloring package for it, it doesn't allow me to apply it. It still says not designable. I obviously missed a step somewhere but must be close or else it wouldn't allow me to make a recolorable package. Does any one have a clue as to what I could have missed?
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#2 18-12-2016 
Can you post the package for me somewhere and I will have a look?

#3 18-12-2016 
Ok I will. I will send it to you in a pm.

#4 18-12-2016 
Incorrect GUID in the MMAT?

#5 19-12-2016 
No, I checked that. :/ Went and rechecked that too when I read this. :/

#6 19-12-2016 Try all those things?

#7 19-12-2016 
looked at the tutorial thing, fixed it in like five minutes Big Grin
Thank you Smile

miss one little step and it yells at you Big Grin

#8 19-12-2016 
Update, record now plays 3 records that display simlish titles Wink twinkle little star, mary has a little lamb, and london bridge, arm moves, toddlers sit closer, volume balanced, proper skill notifications for two skills, and recolorable base, records change color with songs.

oh, forgot, Lee, which txmts would you suggest for it now? that is the one thing I wasn't sure of. I will experiment todaySmile

Then I think I will be done Smile
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#9 24-12-2016 
This is more a thank you post than anything Smile

I want to give a big THANK YOU to Lee for making the mesh Smile

I want to thank my friend Gummi for helping me while I was looking for a few work arounds on things Smile

I want to thank HugeLunatic for helping me figure out what step I missed with the recoloring, and why it showed up with two parts in the catalog Big Grin

and I want to give a big THANK YOU to Fanseelamb for being a very good critic even though I may not have fully appreciated it at the time Big Grin You made me be all that I can be, and made me make a much better product than I would have otherwise Smile

And a thank you to Hannah and Summer who also tested for me Smile


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