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This thread contains two different mods.

Gift part 1 - School uniform for public school
Merry Fishmas to you all, and especially Merry Fishmas to LaughDreamLove who wished for this to exist long ago. Santafish's helper has been tinkering away in the giftshop, making gift wishes come true.

Why should the private school kids get all the fun of crested jackets, vests and knee-length socks? Sim Santa will be spreading the uniform loving joy all over the Sim nation this Fishmas. When the schoolbus pulls up after winter break, all your public school simming students will be greeting it with their brand spanking new uniforms.

This is a global mod. Requires Base Game. Compatible with all EPs and SPs.

Does not conflict with Cyjon's No Private School Uniform, so if you want to you can combine this mod with his mod, so that public school kids wear uniform, and private school kids wear everyday clothes. Will not conflict with default replacements for school uniforms, the public school kids will also use the default replacement uniform.

Thank you to MSD for giving me the ideas that lead to solving this. Thank you LaughDreamLove for wishing this existed, it's a good idea that I hope more people will enjoy.

Gift part 2 - Jogging motive changes
Ho, ho, ho, everyone! Feeling full after eating all that delicious Fishmas food? Want to go for a run to get some fresh air, and burn off some of that food? Would you like to go for that run, without coming back half dead?

Sorry, can't help you there buddy. But I can help your Sims! With this Fishmas gift, your Sims have more sensible motive change while jogging, and return in a less half-dead state than they used to. Additionally, Sim motives and Pet motives have been separated, and now change differently to match how humans and pets react to exercise. So have your Sims grab their pets and put on their sneakers, it's time to start jogging!

This is a global mod. It requires Freetime.

Does not affect or conflict with Smonaff's jogging mod.

Has since also been uploaded on MTS. For more information on how motive changes have been affected, and how you could edit it yourself, please go see the upload thread on MTS.

Fishmas Gift Text
Here comes Santa Jaws
Here comes Santa Jaws
Right down Santa Jaws Lane
Vixen and Blitzen and all his reindeer

Pullin' on the reins.
Fish are swimmin', simmers simmin',
All is merry and bright.
So clean your fins and brush your gills,
'Cause Santa Jaws comes tonight. [/align]
x 24

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How clever and useful! Ho, ho, ho, into the Downloads folder they go! Big Grin Thank you, SantaFish and helper!

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Eep! Thank you incredibly much helper-fish! Merry fishmas to all! <3

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Oh wow thank you!


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