I joined to say "Thank You"
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Recently, I've done a bunch of Sims 2 searches and Google often sends me to Boiling Oil's posts here on Leefish. Most recently, one of his posts led me to a mod I didn't know existed, gave me info to correctly install another mod that I wrongly placed in my downloads folder, and saved me from downloading a possibly conflicting mod from another site. Because I keep coming here, I thought it was only right to register and say "THANK YOU!" for this site, the info on it, and the knowledgeable people who take the time to post here.

I'm strictly a Sims 2 person. I build simple houses and vicariously live simple lives through my Sims. I know little to nothing about the inner workings of the game. While I've had my Double Deluxe and all the expansion packs since 2008, I've only recently learned how to change the character traits in SimPE. To keep my gaming interesting, I rely on the wonderful talent on this and a few other Sims sites and the generosity of those who post their content for the rest of us to enjoy. Without the mods and free CC, I certainly would not have kept playing Sims 2 all these years.

BTW, I have been pleasantly surprised to see that there are a few other Sims 2 fans in my 55+ age bracket. :-)

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I'm glad we could be instrumental in your continuing enjoyment of this wonderful game, SIMelissa.

Even if you did misspell my name Wink

Happy holidays and happy simming, dear.

#3 26-12-2016 
Welcome to Leefish SIMelissa. I am indeed one of those in the 55 age bracket Tongue

#4 26-12-2016 
Welcome to Leefish, SIMelissa! This is a great place, isn't it? Smile

(Me, I'm not in the 55+ age bracket, I'm a young'un who hasn't yet hit forty... even though that will change in just a couple of months. Wink )

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Aww, how sweet. Welcome, SIMelissa! Hope you'll stick around now that you've registered and all! vamp

#6 27-12-2016 
Hello and welcome! Yeah, I'm not in the 55+, but I'm not terribly young either Wink And I'm certain I will still be simming when I am in the 55+.

#7 27-12-2016 
There have been a bunch of threads about the age of simmers over at MTS, and I'd say the 55+ is one of the bigger categories these days. There's a survey someone did, but I can't seem to find it.

Welcome! Very nice to let people know you appreciate their knowledge and their work Smile

#8 21-03-2017 
Hi SIMelissa you are in good company. I am in the 60+ plus range myself. BO is one of the best MOD creators and he has several widely considered essential MODs, he is the reason I decided to come here to start with. There are a good number of other nice people here as well I can tell.

I likewise just play Sims 2 and I sure do enjoy the game a lot more after I discovered the MODs and other custom content that I have downloaded the last few years.


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