Stack object attributes
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No no, I'm not messing with interest rate. I'm doing exactly what you also thought of, making it check if a day is turned on before it runs the usual code. I'm just looking at how Cyjon set up interest as an example of using an attribute to store values so you can toggle things inside the game. I started by making a working version of the loan jar where you toggle by entering 0 or 1 in a BCON, but I want to replace the BCON-method with a pie menu since that makes it much more versatile.

Haven't had time to try since your reply, been too busy with work and family. But I'm certain I'll make progress now that I understand more of how attributes work Smile

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Ah, in that case, you may want to examine how my "Slow Aging Controller" determines every day if a sim should age a day. It uses a single token (in your project, a single attribute might do) to store flags for all seven days of the week.

I hate to inflict my complicated methods upon you, but I only suggest it, because I wasn't joking about the number of attributes. On each object, you can only make a very limited number of them. The way I remember it, the maximum might be 8. Therefor, in addition to the attributes that are already in use on the Jar, you cannot afford to add one for each day. So you need to store that info very compactly and my Slow Aging Controller shows the way to do that.

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(01-01-2017 01:20 AM)BoilingOil Wrote:  [...] I wasn't joking about the number of attributes. On each object, you can only make a very limited number of them. The way I remember it, the maximum might be 8.

The maximum number is 8 by default, that's correct - but you can increase this by changing the "num attributes" (under Data Space) the in the OBJD. I know this for an absolute fact since I've made objects with up to 16 attributes myself (see v. 2.5 of my training dummies). Tongue

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Ah, I was never aware of that, @NixNivis. I should've heard about that some five years ago... Well, in that case, maybe it's easier for Gummi to follow your route...

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@BoilingOil possibly, but I'll need to go back and read the thread more thoroughly. I'm not quite clear on whether @gummilutt is poking at Cyjon's tip jar because she wants to tweak it, or just because she wants to get an idea of how attributes work. Because my attributes are much simpler than Cyjon's, they're either set to literal 0 or 1 (off or on) and it's done directly from a pie menu. I do none of that fancy param stuff. Wink

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@NixNivis I believe that Gummi wants to do something similar for her own Loan Jar: add some simple on/off switches to a menu so interest calculation can be switched on/off for every day individually.

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Awesome Nix! I'll definitely take a look at yours and see if that makes more sense to me than Cyjons. BO summed it up nicely in this post above this one. I like Cyjons loan jar, but interest every day gets steep quickly with bigger loans. Want to make it more versatile and customizable Smile And thanks for the information about max attributes, very helpful Smile I'll keep in mind that I need to edit OBJD as well.

Is it the training dummy 2.5 that has the attributes set with literal 0 or 1? Smile

EDIT: Had a look at the dummy now, and it's certainly easier to understand than Cyjons Tongue Very easy to see how to adapt what you did to what I want to do, already have the setup mapped out in my brain. But based on what BO has said previously, I'm wondering if I'll have to include some kind of stack object/param thing to keep the setting tied to the specific loan jar. Does selecting a sword on one dummy mean all of them use that sword if you have multiple dummies, or does it only affect the dummy you clicked on? I'd test in game, but I got to get to bed and I won't have my simming pc until friday.
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Tjenare, Gummi! Glad my dummies didn't muddle the waters even more for you. Big Grin

Selecting a sword only affects the dummy you clicked on, even if you have several dummies of the same type (and the selection sticks until you change it, it doesn't reset when you leave the lot or anything like that). So there's no need for any param things or the like for that. Smile

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"Lurking intensely Big Grin"

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@gayars hee. Big Grin

In case anyone wants another example (that's slightly different), there's also the OMSPs for my Counter Completers. The attributes (well, attribute, singular - I only use one there) work the same, they're either off or on (so, literal 0 or 1), but the BHAVing around it is set up a little differently (since this isn't about selecting swords, but making an object invisible). With the OMSPs, you can also choose between making only the one OMSP you're clicking on invisible/visible, or doing it for OMSPs of that kind in one fell swoop. Smile


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