Why are Macarossi's waterfalls crashing my game?
#1 02-01-2017 
Would someone please tell me why these 3 Macarossi waterfalls crash my game?

.zip  WaterfallSmall_macarossi_PondCollection2007.zip (Size: 1.63 MB / Downloads: 538)

I've tried them one-at-a-time, and each one causes a crash - when I click it in the catalog.
Have you heard of this happening to anyone else?

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#2 02-01-2017 
Without looking at it - when did you download the file? You may need to redownload it. Some files can get corrupted over time.

I've downloaded the file and will look at it a little later.

#3 02-01-2017 
There is a conflict between the compression algorithm of SimPE and Compressorizor. If you have ever used these on the files, this will make the game crash. Once you compressorize, you should never open in SimPE.

#4 02-01-2017 
Aaaah! Thanks, @HugeLunatic Smile Is this true for all files - or just these waterfalls?
...cuz I use both. All the time. Repeatedly. And often.

#5 02-01-2017 
I usually only use SimPE's built-in compression. It's often not as compact as Compressorizer, but it's close enough.

#6 02-01-2017 
Good to know BO Smile

OK - @HugeLunatic - I just reDLd the 3 fountains from MTS2. Changed their placement/price with SimPE. Did NOT compresserize. Loaded my game... - and it crashed.

I'm using the Rutherford/BDC household for testing. I'm entering the lot...
Click on a dining chair to move it - good.
Click on the sink and move it - good.
Click on a window to move it - crash. (If that had worked: next I'd have opened the buy catalog, and tried to place the BG toilet.)

#7 03-01-2017 
Hmmm conflict with something else or running out of memory?

#8 03-01-2017 
Have you tried it without changing it first in simpe? Maybe macarossi compressed it themselves?

#9 03-01-2017 
Thanks everybody! I got them to work - now I'm chasing down a bad CC somewhere...
I'm done here (this thread) for now Smile

#10 03-01-2017 
Ok, now this thread has served its function, for whoever reads this thread and does not yet know how to compress files with SimPE, I'll add that information here:

1. In order to compress files from SimPE, you first select the 'Resource' view instead of the 'Plugin' view.
2. Now, in the resource list, tap each line in sequence (but skip the blue lines), and then in the 'Resource' view, if the button after "Compress" reads "No", click it and set it to "Yes". Otherwise, don't touch it.
3. Once all lines have been treated this way, select the "Save as..." option, and slightly change the name of the .package file. Don't go being stubborn and believing that everything is fine if you simply "Save", because if it turns out NOT to be fine, you've just destroyed a perfectly good file!

When the file has been saved, you'll notice that a number of resources have turned blue, while others have not. The blue ones have been compressed, the others could not be - either because they are of a type that cannot be compressed, or because they were too large for the compression system to handle. The Compressorizer might have compressed those anyway, but then you risk incompatibilities that cause crashes. You could still try and make a third copy compressed with the Compressorizer and see if it's safe to use, but I usually don't bother with that.

So there you have it... *SAFE* Compression of your package files without the need for the Compressorizer.

Happy simming.


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