2017 - Jan 06 - Gina - Happy Birthday!
#1 09-01-2017 
See! I told you I would be late! Smile

Happy Birthday my dear, it's been wonderful getting to know you.

[Image: bday-gina.jpg]

I can't send you a real card I made - so here is a card I made on line from digital papers. I hope you had the happiest of birthdays, with lots of the most decadent delights that you enjoy (chocolate?)
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#2 09-01-2017 
I'll jump on the bandwagon and I say I agree, it's wonderful getting to know you, and I am very glad you've become part of the community here at Leefish. Hope the food hubby cooked you was yummy, even if you had to do the cornbread yourself Big Grin

#3 09-01-2017 
Thanks guys Big Grin and yes it was yummy Big Grin

#4 10-01-2017 
Happy birthday dear Gina xxx


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