Problem with community lot
#1 10-01-2017 
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Hi all. This is a problem really irritate me. I built The Mall. Everything started well, but after break in game, I find crash my community lot. Lot built with CC.
I opened the package file of community lot with SimPE, and opened tab Objects. Absolutely all files seems empty! Also I don’t package my lot in Sims2pack because of crash my game. Error of crash: “The Application Has Crashed. The Application will now terminate». This is error appear always, if I loaded this lot or I want to package lot.
Also, This lot don’t work on my friend’s computer too.
Thank you Smile

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#2 10-01-2017 
Unfortunately, in the picture that you shared, we only see the instance numbers hi and lo, but not the file sizes. The high instance numbers are 0 for most files except some graphics resources. So that picture proves nothing, I'm afraid.

What *is* going wrong, however, I cannot tell you. I know not enough of this kind of issues.


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