graphic rules maker rewrote graphic card
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I was having some graphic glitches with the game (my little sister downloaded a lot of stuff and deleting the ones flickering didn't help) so I tried graphic rule maker.
The problem is I fucked up real bad: I put the option "Enable vsync on Intel" and it said the Intel HD Graphic file was missing, something like that. It offered to save it and I clicked yes.......
And now the game won't launch. It says it can't find a graphic adapter compatible with Directx 9.0.
I think the pc now thinks it has some sort of Intel hd graphic card and it doesn't.
And I have no idea which one it actually has since it's my parents computer; but I'm pretty sure they have a built in graphic card, the one that comes with the motherboard.

Operating system is Windows 7
Please help!!!!

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The game doesn't launch, because the graphic rules maker sometimes doesn't work. That message you got is what happens when the graphic rules has a problem. Fortunately it's easily fixed.

You don't mention if you are using Ultimate Collection or the DVDs.

You need to download this card: Download Intel Card Graphic Rules

And install it in either:

If you have UC

\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\Config\
\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSData\Res\CsConfig\

If you have the DVDs

\Program Files (x86)\EA\The Sims 2 - <your most current expansion pack>\TSData\Res\Config\
\Program Files (x86)\EA\The Sims 2 - <your most current expansion pack>\TSData\Res\CSConfig\

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OMG, it worked!! Sorry I didn't say I have the DVDs. I had to run the graphic rules maker again in order to work, but now it looks even better than before!

Thank you so much! And you're awesome for being active after all these years Big Grin

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You're welcome.


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