CC Files: what can go where?
#1 18-01-2017 
Is there a guide for all the places/folders where you can stash mods and CC?
Like, for instance, some files go in Downloads (obviously) or SavedSims, and other files can go in the ProgramFiles/Bins folder - some in bins/catalog and some in bins/skins, etc.
Can texture fixes go in the CEP folder/s?
Can game-playing hacks go someplace other than Downloads?
What is the rule/guideline for what can go where?

And, most importantly, if you stash stuff everywhere - can you add more stuff (new meshes and their recolors) to the Downloads folder?

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#2 18-01-2017 
I've never investigated the ways of putting CC in any other place than the Downloads folder. And for one very obvious reason: the more stuff you keep elsewhere, the more different places you'll have to keep track of and make backups of. If you want to transport your Sims 2 folders to a new machine later, it's easier to copy just the single Downloads folder and all its contents than to find all the CC files that you stashed in all those other odd places.

#3 19-01-2017 
Thanks BO Smile
But, I'd still like a guide/tutorial/etc... about this - if there is one? Anybody?

#4 20-01-2017 
I have all my walls, floors and terrain paints in a folder (named - you guessed it - WallsFloorsTP) in my The Sims 2 folder (as in.. NOT in the downloads folder) and they all work fine. I've had it that way for a long time so am pretty confident in saying that doing this causes no harm. (And I swear my game loaded/loads a bit faster.) I've also read that you can put recolors in a folder the same way. I haven't tried it but I've read that the game works just fine, loads just fine and doing this causes no problem. I have also read that you can do this with object (buy/build) meshes - but I'm not sure if I'd ever want to do that.

The reasoning behind doing this is that those files won't be loaded when the game loads - unlike the files in the downloads folder - that they'll load only when you use that stuff. You would think that would mean that it would take longer for the catalog to load but my walls/floors/terrain paints load just as fast as they always did. (And I have a.lot of walls/floors/terrain paints.)

You mentioned a guide/tutorial. I'm not sure such a thing really exists but there IS a post with lots of info.. somewhere. Yeah somewhere. I can never remember *where* I read stuff, only what I read. If I happen to have an "AHA!!!" moment, I'll post a link. Smile But really, the only forums I regularly read posts/threads at is MTS, GOS and PBK... so maybe you (or me, or someone else) will have some luck and run across it.

#5 20-01-2017 
I have my texture defaults outside of the downloads folder and they always load. MLC - I didn't know that about the only loading when it's being used, I was under the impression it pops it all into RAM when it starts.

I have lots of objects and recolours in my catalog bin, but not skins - they don't work from there. Or at least I haven't been able to get them to work.

#6 21-01-2017 
Thanks for the input Big Grin That helps!

So, will this help get around the "too much CC in your DL folder" issue?
...if you stash stuff everywhere - can you add more stuff (new meshes and their recolors) to the Downloads folder?

#7 26-04-2019 
A guide/list would be awesome!
I thought a while ago it would be nice to have all the bodyshop items in my saved sims folder but unfortunately they don't completely work from there. Meaning they do load for sims already using it but they are not in the body shop or buy menu (like clothes). So this is one folder I guess has to stay inside the downloads. Luckily I can still use subfolders.
The zCEP-Extra Folder seems to not allow subfolders, so if I get ceps from other people (like HafiseAzale) I can't put them in subfolders Sad
I did make folders outside of the downloads folder like MLC mentioned, I especially have a "0Master" folder and a "zzHider" folder. and those seem to work fine.
In my experience most normal buy/build objects work perfect in all folders that are inside the documents/ea/sims. I'd really like to know about Hacks&Mods.
One of the good things of taking things out of the DL folder is that they don't load in DDO or CleanInstaller by default.
Oh my Walls, Floors, Roofs and Terrains are in the saved sims folder and work fine from there.
I haven't even tried the bin folder yet (except for recategorising maxis stuff) it's probably a good place for stuff that is used all the time. I just started with anygamestarter and it never copies the cepfolder so it would be interesting if I could put those items somewhere in the bin section too. Did anyone try those before?

I actually move my CC around a lot depending on what I wanna do in the game. Maybe that will change now with AGS but usually when I download a batch of new things I move ALL my usual CCs somewhere else and start the game with my test NH only with the new stuff (and hide all maxis stuff) so my catalog ony shows those things and I can test and screenshot them all. Exception being the cep, master and hider files which is why I put those in different folders.
Ok I'm getting off topic too much, just wanted to say I could really use a guide on all the possible places some CC could go.

#8 27-04-2019 
Still no actual guide that I know of - and I can't really help with anything bodyshop/CAS related as I just don't know about that stuff. But I did want to tell you that you don't need to move your cc around to test new stuff and/or play a different game/style of game. All you need to do is rename your The Sims 2 folder to something else (I just add old to the end) and when you start your game a new The Sims 2 folder will be generated. Then you can put your downloads that you want to test (or downloads that you want for a style of game, etc.) in the Downloads folder in THAT folder. When you want to switch, just rename folders again. Smile

I have 4 different games set up this way. The only thing 100% the same in every folder is defaults, mods I absolutely need in game, CEP, Scriptorium.. important stuff, lol. Everything else is different or changes depending on my mood and what I'm trying to accomplish. (I have one game that's just for testing new stuff, then it gets moved or deleted.)

#9 29-04-2019 
Thanks, I knew about that but maybe someone else gets here who didn't. I have AnyGameStarter now for those purposes but before that I did it similiar to you, just rather with moving then having copies of the same file in different places because that is easier for me to control. Especially when I change/update them or decide to turn my filename system around (again)

But just like you said, there are some files that I would want to have ALWAYS and in ALL my games and those are the ones I wish I could put somewhere else.
If CEP-Extras, defaults and some global fixes/mods could be placed somewhere in the bin folder (or anywhere else in the programs directory that would ALWAYS load them) that would be helpful, but so far I didn't dare to try.

I read bits and pieces about in which order the files&folders are loaded for the game (i.e. the files in subfolders of the downloads folder are read before the files that are just in it and everything alphabetically). So I wonder is the Cep-extra folder read before or after the downloads folder? And why can't I do subfolders in that folder, the Wall&Floor folder works great outside of the downloads category including its subfolders

Maybe we can try and piece together a guide with the information collected in this thread. And Catherine I'm really sorry for hijacking your thread like that!

#10 30-04-2019 
I don't think that @CatherineTCJD will mind, seeing as how her last post in this thread was from Januari 2017.

With such "old" threads, usually, it isn't the OP who gets upset anyway. But on some other boards, the moderators/admins might get a little incensed over your attempts at what they call "necromancy" -- reviving a long-dead discussion. Here at, though, we're more relaxed about it. As long as the addition is relevant to the topic at hand, we don't mind at all.


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