DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics
#21 20-02-2017 

So I've put the video card everywhere I put the graphic rules and have deleted the caches but it still carshes with the directx error.
I've attated the new config-log and I also found these two errors.

Here is the error no. 1 [attachment=2995] and the second error was empty though but it was created today as you can see my screen shot.

I've also found "CustomContentObjects" file which was created on Feb 17, 2017 (my game crashed) and when I open the file there's written "Overrides Game Behavior". I don't know if it is useful information so I better add it here.

EDIT: I added the error.

Thank you.

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.txt  Sims2Exception 2017.02.17 14.34.08.txt (Size: 11.32 KB / Downloads: 231)

#22 20-02-2017 
One more thing. I can see "cigen.package" in my documents/EA Games/The Sims 2 folder. It is there where was the caches. Do you think I should delete that too? I don't want to mess it up so I rather ask you.

Thank you, @celebkiriedhel !

Edit: I deleted the cigen.package and I can play the game windowed but I can't play it normally full screen. The windowed screen is kind of small.
I hope you'll be albe to fix it so I can play it full screen again, I believe in you, Kiri! :-)

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When you deleted your cigen.package, and it only did a windowed version, did you try to change it into full screen mode in-game? or just as a line command?
Also when you say the window is small - how small? 800x600 or smaller?

Also can you attach a new config-log.txt since you deleted your caches and cigen.package, I want to see how it's affected it.

#24 24-02-2017 

I've attached the new config-log and how big the windows is.

I haven't tried to change it into full screen in game because I do not know how, untill you asked me I even had no idea there is such possibility. I'd never used windowed mode before. Can you, please, tell me how can I do this? I'll try it. I've found online a cheat code for TS3 but it does not work in my game and on other websites I could only find the "-w" way just like I did and then you can delete it to make it full screen again. I hope you understand, sorry for my English I couldn't think of better words how to discribe this.

Also I am sorry I did not reply yesterday, I was a bit busy.

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#25 07-03-2017 
Hello @celebkiriedhel !

I don't mean to be rude or something but it's been awhile since you replied so I was wondering if you came up with a solution for my problem.

Thank you for your answer and all your help!


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Hello simmers!
I've installed The Sims 2 base game only (4 disc pack) and started it and it ran perfectly. However the texture was pretty bad and The resolution for the screen was only 800 x 600 so it was bulky-looking. I took advice from a video to take the graphics rules.sgr folder to my desktop to change to screen resolution. Followed these steps to change the file:
Find ScreenModeResolotion
setting $Low

Step5 Change it from
uintProp maxResWidth 800
uintProp maxResHeight 600
uintProp maxResWidth 1024
uintProp maxResHeight 768

I saved the file and now when i launch the game it says: "Failed to find any DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapters in this system! Please make sure you have a DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapter and have installed the lates drivers provided by the manufacturer. The application will not terminate." I changed the file back to the original but I still get the same error.

I haven't downloaded any of my expansion bc I want to make sure I can make the game work.

May you help please?

Thank you!

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#27 10-10-2019 
Sorry @lizzygurl09, but it seriously looks like your config-log file is not at all complete. None of the information that we need is there.
We have no information on the Windows version, the game engine version, the memory found by the game, the found display hardware and driver... All that information, which is normally found in the config-log.txt, and which we require in order to help you, is completely missing in yours.

Also, your post doesn't say what Windows version you have, which, in the case of DirectX9, is of the utmost importance. Because if you're running Win10, for example, the system is most likely using DirectX12, which will NOT emulate DirectX9. So you would need to uninstall DirectX12, install DirectX11 instead, and hope that that WILL work. And yes, I say "hope", because it appears that even that is no longer guaranteed.

The only thing that I *can* say, is that you should NEVER change the resolution for the $Low setting. The game need to have that setting at 800x600 in order to make SURE that it can run. Changing that setting causes the game to stop working.

Beyond that, at present, we can only guess and tell you nothing helpful at all.


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